How Will You Benefit From Ninjaproxy?

The two benefits you get when you make use of ninjaproxy when you browse the web are security by hiding the details of your private and access to Internet sites, even if they are blocked. This is a free web-based proxy.

Institutions and business schools worldwide erect firewalls and filters on their computer systems to block or filter access to sites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. .. These organizations also utilize software to monitor Internet activity of employees and students, which sometimes can invade your privacy. With ninjaproxy, you can work around these obstacles and intrusions.

This server, which can be used without charge, is a website unblocker that can be used in educational institutions, offices and other places where you can connect to the Internet without letting others know their personal data. Ninjaproxy use allows you to surf the Internet with a third wall that prevents the gathering of personal information by third parties. This acts as a two-way mirror between the user and the navigation of the site, while remaining unidentified. All you have to do is enter a URL and click Browse! This ensures that you and your personal information remains confidential, especially when on public networks.